Rory Buckland

Art in Health

I plan and deliver collage workshops for Art in Health, to help improve brain health and well being. All aims and outcomes are based on research which I can sign post you to upon request.

“A fun art workshop to make collages using found imagery. Using magazines, books, photos, or the internet. You will be cutting up the images and sticking them onto new backgrounds. So making making amazing new compositions and meanings. Let your imagination run free, and surprise yourself.”

Workshop Aims

Because research has shown that art activities;
  1. Help both patients and staff cope better with whatever is happening to them.
  2. Ward off depression.
  3. Alleviate agitation, aggression, anxiety, depression and insomnia in dementia patients.
  4. Notice unproductive thought patterns.
  5. Increase dopamine for better focus and drive.
  6. Increased brain plasticity.
  7. Promote unique problem solving skills.
  8. Improve cognitive abilities and concentration.
  9. Lower stress levels
  10. Instil creative pursuits for lifelong learning
  11. Help participants tune into emotions and learn to express feelings.
  12. Forget about illness for a while, allowing participants to focus on positive life experiences.

Art in Health Workshop Outcomes

Because research has shown that art activities result in;
  1. Psychological resilience to better fight stress.
  2. Lowered levels of the stress hormone cortisol.
  3. Better mental outlook.
  4. Improvements in memories, by increasing connectivity in the brain and producing new brain cells in dementia patients.
  5. Enhanced the quality of life for dementia patients.
  6. Increased brain plasticity to better modify its own structure and function following changes within the body or in the external environment.
  7. Improved cognitive abilities and concentration.
  8. Sense of achievement.
  9. Creating art enables patients to maintain the identity of who they were before they got sick.
  10. Developed problem solving skills and the resulting creation of neurons.
  11. Increased feelings of being mentally clear, calm and relaxed.
  12. Contributes to brain health by:
  13. Helping protect the brain from ageing
  14. Creating new connections in the brain
  15. Improved ability to express feelings.
  16. Reduced stress.
  17. Improved mindfulness.

Additional benefits of these workshops can be

  1. Because by using art to gain understand of ourselves, we can relate better to the world and others in it.
  2. Participants can gain; greater insight into aesthetics, ambiguity, chaos, courage, and complexity, As well as visual conceptualisation skills, composition and dexterity. Because art is demonstrated to foster these skills
  3. Since we are all inherently creative. And so improved creative skills and awareness can enhance personal well-being.

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