Rory Buckland

Artist Statement

Welcome to my artist statement and a little more information about me.

Artist Statement

As beings with a conscious and subconscious aspect, and so symbols have the power to reveal subtle truths to us.

I am fascinated in the idea that meaning has become embedded in our perception of particular objects and their images. So by accepting the power of symbols to shape our world view, I consciously utilise them as a tool for expression and learning. With them I make drawings, photomontage, collage and moving image works. Production of the work relies upon authoring as well as appropriating imagery. The new images produced from this process are rich in their symbolic meaning. I do this in a mixture of analogue, (physical materials) and digital, (produced on a computer).

Because of this symbolism, each piece is like a jigsaw mystery. Whose parts must be understood to fully grasp their relevance as a whole. So this could be seen as an overview of my art practice. An attempt at developing consciousness in the world.

But isn’t this just a microcosm of life, the search for understanding?

So in making my work this way I strive to present this attempt at understating to others who may wish to reciprocate.

Because symbols give greater depth to the things we see around us; they make them act as pointers to immaterial and intangible states. Therefore, they are a way of understanding how, what and why we value; what we see, have and are – or maybe what we don’t see, do not have and are not!

You may not may not realise it, but symbols underpin everything we see, say and do. They have the potential to exert influence upon us. They are the foundation of our material perception.

About Me

I have worked as a creative professional for over twenty five years.

Spending time as a sculptor and prop maker for the leisure and entertainment industry since finishing my BA Fine Art – way back when! I left with a set of object making skills and needed to earn some money, so the surreal world of prop making seemed perfect. I have also worked as a commercial photographer for a range of clients. During this time I worked nationally and internationally.

These days I concentrate on my art practice. This involves me in researching my areas of interest around consciousness, psyche, states of perception and symbolism.

I make collage, photomontage, multi media and photography work. For exhibition, commission, residency, print and product sales.

Part of my practice is education – in this capacity I provide collage based art workshops in a range of settings. Because I firmly believe in the power of creativity and art to help, heal and change lives. By getting in touch with what is deep inside us.

We live in a sacred world, which we must come to realise, accept and cherish.