Unfolding Timeline


Artist CV


1999–2000: Computer generated imagery & animation; Media Forge Training

1992–1995: B.A (Hons) Fine Art 2.1; B.I.A.D Birmingham City University

1991–1992: Unit 1 Exhibition Design; Hastings College of Art & Technology

1988–1990: H.N.C Building Studies (architecture); Brighton polytechnic

Solo Exhibitions

2018: Symbolic Intervention – Madeinroath – St. Martins Church – Roath – Cardiff (October)

2017: This is Culture – Showcase Gallery – Southampton (solo show May/June)

2003: Landscape – For Coffee – The Custard Factory – Birmingham (solo photography show June)

2003: Landscape – The Rock Face – Birmingham (solo photography show Mar/Feb)

Group Exhibitions

2018: Radical Social Practice – Fringe Arts Bath – Bath  (May/June)

2017: Go Wild In The Country – Bruton Art Factory – Bruton (June/July)

2016: Pride of Place – East Street – Southampton (November)

2015: The Portrait – Marburae Gallery – Macclesfield (February)

2012: Summer Exhibition – The Public – West Bromwich (Aug/Sept)

2002: Rhubarb Rhubarb – Custard Factory – Birmingham (July/August)

1997: Bind – The Arbor gallery – Derby (November)

1997: Unique too – Millais gallery – Southampton (May)

1997: Unique 49 – Vyse St – Birmingham (February)

1997: Seedless – Hotsuka cultural centre – Tokyo – Japan (February)

1996: Vexy – Birmingham City University – Birmingham (November)

1996: Displacement – Bond gallery – Birmingham (October)

Grant Awards

2018: Madeinroath production grant.

2015: AA2AC Artist bursary.


2015/16: Artist in Residence Southampton Solent University.

Private Collections

Birmingham ,West Midlands

Horsham, West Sussex

Tarring Neville, East Sussex.

Teaching and Workshops

I hold training certificates in ‘Prevent for Practitioners’ and ‘Safeguarding’

Various dates since 2008:

  • Madeinroath; 
    Workshop exploring the mind through writing and discussion around symbolic photomontage.
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff Open Art School;
    Devising and delivering open access art courses in theory, contextualisation and production of lens based media.
  • Cardiff Metropolitan School of Art and Design FabLab;
    Technical specialist; demonstrating and teaching use of equipment at FabLab.
  • Workers Education Association;
    Devising and running community based education on the practice and critical theory of photography.
  • AA2AC Engage University Presentation: Life After Art School ;
    PowerPoint lecture to students on life as a creative professional, and the opportunities to earn income.
  • Southampton Solent University;
    Process and contextualisation tutorials for second year students. Informal advice regarding contextualisation to first and second year students.
  • Hope and Homes for Children charity:10 week Digital Photography and creativity workshop;
    Effects of shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera modes; Lenses; Zoom / focal length / Macro, Lighting, flash etc. Composition / cropping rule of thirds/ golden section. Autofocus + focus point. Metering including exposure compensation; Histograms; White balance. Lightroom processing software; Brief introduction to Adobe Photoshop.
  • Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery’s Big Picture project and Birmingham Museum’s Collection Centre: Ways of seeing and making the most of your camera;
    Basic & intermediate camera settings and an overview of their effect on pictures. Finding new ways seeing & considering the effects of angles, available light, using flash, micro, macro, shutter speeds, depth of field, filters etc. Reviewing attendees work individually and in a group scenario to help them understand and examine their decision making processes and providing constructive student feedback.

1997: Visiting lecturer, Southampton University;
Lecture/presentation to students on life as a creative professional, how to develop work, set up projects & exhibitions, market work, approach commissioners/ galleries.

Tutorials with students to give feedback and guidance on how to present work.

Art Practice and Freelance Work


Lens Based Media Practice

  • Conceptualising and producing work for exhibition, commission and residency.
  • All formats of analogue and digital capture, including moving image.
  • Post-production editing, processing and grading files and retouching as required using Adobe Lightroom advanced photo processing, and Adobe Photoshop photo retouching and compositing.


Artist CV