De Profundis


This is the ‘De Profundis Subconscious’ art print, which translates as ‘Depths of the Subconscious’ in true Jungian or shamanic fashion its about the journey within. Only after which can one have any hope of squaring the circle.

  • ‘De Profundis Subconscious’
  • Digital Collage
  • 2019/2020
  • Sizes start at; 297x210mm (A4)
A night sky
Filled with the sparks of consciousness.

The moon
Never revealing its dark side from the comfort of ignorance.

But are we not compelled to to navigate
this uncharted territory?
To bring it into the light.

Shamans favour the Owl
A powerful guide
Carrying the moon forth from deep recesses of mind

Their favour 
Is with the ability to dwell in darkness
Carry that darkness out into the light.

The question?
Will you be mired
Hopelessly lost in the darkness

Or emerge
Squared with self knowledge.

custom art print

This is the beautiful hand finished Jungian ‘De Profundis Subconscious’ art print on archival fine art paper with a print sealer for added protection. The edges have been hand gilded with ‘silver’ effect leaf. The print has then been mounted on unbleached cotton calico with starch paste.

Firstly I have used this process because it references the preservation of historical works on paper. Secondly I find it makes the print more robust. Thirdly it causes the paper to warp, making something 2D more 3D, or object like.

Because of the combination of the above processes this print is robust enough and self supporting to not require framing. There is a small hanging wire on the reverse to suspend it from. These look really lovely just hung straight on the wall.

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