This blood moon ‘Auspicium’ surrealist art print, translates from Latin as auspices. As most of these pieces it goes by several titles, the English being ‘Bad Omens Good Omens’. It is a Digital Collage I made in 2019/2020, it has ‘rose gold’ gilt edging and the sizes start at; 297x210mm (A4).

Centuries old
The book of Joel and revelation
Preacher of the blood moon
and apocalypse

This blood moon 
holds sway
Sway over a desert

Scorching heat
Paralysing cold
Spiritual thirst
Depletion and disorientation

But what of polarity
And the space between?
The space for alchemy

Navigating by the sun
Fluttering like
The flickering light

A master of metamorphosis
An alchemical vas
An object transformed 
And a vessel of transformation
The butterfly

custom made art print

This is the beautiful hand finished ‘Auspicium’ blood moon surrealist art print on archival fine art paper with a print sealer for added protection. The edges have been hand gilded with ‘copper’ effect leaf. The print has then been mounted on unbleached cotton calico with starch paste.

Firstly I have used this process because it references the preservation of historical works on paper. Secondly I find it makes the print more robust. Thirdly it causes the paper to warp, making something 2D more 3D, or object like

Because of the combination of the above processes this print is robust enough and self supporting to not require framing. There is a small hanging wire on the reverse to suspend it from. These look really lovely just hung straight on the wall.

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