Closed Space

Closed Space

this series of work I use photography and text to present metaphor or symbolism.  I have called this approach ‘Textual Intervention’. Whereby I incorporate text as a way of short circuiting the photographs multiplicity of interpretation; this is carried with the image regardless of situation and produces resonant anchored meaning.

The parts must be understood to fully grasp their relevance as a whole, making them like a jigsaw mystery. It is my intention that they become richer; ‘The whole becoming greater than the sum of its parts.’

This image and text is a physical intervention with the surface of the photograph. I cut by hand, the text into or paste it onto the final printed image. When I paste it on; this is achieved by cutting the text from another version of the print; typically one that is lighter or darker in tone. This process denies the viewer unfettered access to the image and intervenes in the photographs illusory depth. In part by making the substrate or carrier become an object in its own right. I think this is prompted at least in part by my history of mixed media object making which brings me back to a desire for the object to move beyond a flat surface.

This work also questions the sometimes fetishised technical and aesthetic qualities of print production. By showing my – the creators hand in the cuts, the process refers to authorship the photographs democratised position in image making and questions ideas of work activity.

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