Confined for most of his adult life in the material world, or a culturally produced facsimile of it. He luckily found himself at an existential crossroads, but couldn’t help wonder whether it was more than mere luck. The crossroads presented him a choice of world views. In fairness he could have continued straight on, but to use a driving analogy, that would have meant staying asleep at the wheel, and that rarely ends well.

So the only real choice was to make a choice, it wasn’t hard really. There was enough in the world to suggest more, more than the material narrative could acknowledge. For that would be to risk a spiral into uncertainty, even irrationality. Despite all that suggested otherwise in the world. Or should I refer to it as Maya?

So he made his choice with an open mind and heart, because what other state serves anyone?

I suppose you could call it an archaic renaissance. A rejection of the ‘materialist orthodoxy’ for an ‘archaic revival’. Re-framing what we ‘gnew’ in light of what we ‘gnow’.

So with the decision made, that was never truly a decision to be made, he set of on a journey of academic study, observation and perhaps most importantly of all first hand experience. All with help from dear and trusted companions. For whom else would countenance the inevitable crazy talk without judgement?

Little by little he established a frame work and his limitations of belief. Solely in order to challenge that framework and those beliefs, for the purpose of transcending them.

But this would mean little without first hand knowledge. Any other position would be one of a follower, and we have enough of those. So whilst journeys inward were commenced, it soon became apparent that they were more than that. Or as the Hermetic dictum states “As within, so without”.

Gradually threads started to become apparent between first person experience and second person accounts. He could start to glimpse a pattern.

To be continued…

I am a surrealist and visionary art artist working in a range of mediums including; drawing, mixed media, video, collage, photo-montage and photography. The subject matter, stylistic approach and mediums I have used are rich and diverse.

Personal realisations led me to focus on making work which explores visionary art. To do this I draw on a range of meditation techniques. Interpreting the material presented to me in the form of inner voice, insights, visions and archetypes through photo-montage and mixed media. Which includes; ink, gouache and watercolour on paper.

You may be familiar with the Alchemical and Hermetic dictum;

“As above, So below, As within, So Without, As the universe, So the soul”.

Hermes Trismegistus

Think of this as fractal. The part is reflected in the whole and vice versa. In this way we can begin to appreciate our connectedness to all being and to begin to understand Maya.

My visionary art practice involves me in research and production for commissions. As well as commercial work appropriate for my style. Residencies, group and solo exhibitions. As well as print and product sales. In addition to this I carry out educational artist workshops for institutions, communities, and corporate clients.

I live near Cardiff and have worked throughout the UK and overseas.

See my work here.

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