Current Work

Symbolic Intervention – Photomontage

In my current work I am researching and producing symbolic photomontage. This has led me to explore the idea that meaning has become embedded in our perception of certain objects and their images. As Jung stated in relation to his ideas about archetypal imagery; “the structures of the images vary from culture to culture and person to person but are not limitless or chaotic; they are archaic and shared by all people”.
The production of this photomontage work relies upon authoring as well as appropriating the imagery I use in them. The new images produced from this process are rich in symbolism. Their meaning may not always be obvious, and they may appear surreal. As a result we have to trust our psyche to interpret their intention (albeit objectively or subjectively), because the root capacity of symbolism is to spark connections in our mind and convey meaning.
My photomontage can be both personal (variable) and impersonal (universal). As a result they give greater depth to the things we see around us; making them act as pointers to immaterial and intangible states. Therefore they are a way of understanding how, what and why we value; what we see, have and are. Or maybe what we don’t see, do not have and are not!
Through this approach to photomontage we can appreciate the influence of the symbolism we surround ourselves with. The intention behind the work and research is to disseminate this appreciation and application of the power of symbolism in altering our perception.