Dying Days


In 2011 a planning permission was granted for demolition. But the Improvement Act of 1854 to 1871 commanded the holding of a livestock market within the boundaries of the town. So as a result in January 2012 the Welsh government repealed the act effective from March 2012.

This documentary photography project shows Monmouthshires Abergavenny livestock market in its town centre location. And this is where it has been since 1863 and subsequently became the last town centre livestock market in the country. The busiest day was Tuesdays, with additional sale days on Fridays. The market closed the site in December 2013.

Because of its proximity the town centre was thriving on market days, bringing trade to the other businesses in the town. One of the markets attendees aged 91, had visited weekly for 80 years. So, many people would like to have seen the site refurbished, rather than moved out of town to a new site at Bryngwyn.

So when I write this (March 2016) the area is still waiting for Morrisons to complete the purchase of the site for a new supermarket and library.

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