Mage Lux Tenebris

The shaman, a diptych which goes by several titles, but I have used this one for simplicity. Trying to make the Latin translation has been tricky, since I am by no definition a scholar of the language – and may be considered a ‘rank amateur’. So I may not have it right, but this is hopefully near enough to give a feel for the intent of the piece.

The left piece is titled ‘Tenebris Lux Flamini’ (hopefully) translating roughly as ‘Light Dark Shaman’.

Whilst the second part is titled ‘Lux Tenebris Flamini’ translating roughly as ‘Dark Light Shaman’.

  • ‘Mage Lux Tenebris’
  • Digital Collage
  • 2019/2020
  • Sizes start at; 297x210mm (A4)

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