“…the greatest secret is in water.”

Jung and Alchemy: Unconscious content

Whilst the subtitle of this post is ‘Jung and alchemy: unconscious content’; The post title  “…the greatest secret is in water.” refers to the Vas Hermeticum, (mentioned in Mark Saban piece cited below), in alchemy which is a vessel where mysterious transformations occur. Perhaps considered as a font containing the water of dreams. Jung considered it a representation of a physical, psychic or spiritual space where the union of opposites can occur. The union of the conscious and unconscious perhaps.

(Saban, Mark) As Jung points out, “[The secret] points, in a word, to the presence of an unconscious content, which exacts from consciousness a tribute of constant regard and attention. With the application of interest the continual perception and assimilation of the effects of the “secret” become possible. This is beneficial to the conduct of life, because the contents of the unconscious can then exert their compensatory effect and, if taken note of and recognised, bring about a balance that promotes health.”

Mark Saban; Alchemy and Jungian Psychology; http://www.marksaban.co.uk

Image; Artist unknown

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