Post Materialism

Post Materialist Science

Post-Materialist Science

Having discovered Rupert Sheldrake’s work through researching my interest in consciousness and Post-Materialist Science. I was happy to find this in a second hand book shop, along with a small pile of National Geographic magazines, but that’s another topic.

If you are interested in maintaining an open mind about the nature of the universe, our place in it, and consciousness this is a great read. In short it discusses how science wrested power from the church in the 17th century, using similar methods as religion had previously.

Then went onto make some great discoveries which have undeniably helped us. However it argues that science has now fallen into some of the same traps that organised religion has; such as dogma, which leads to inflexibility and intolerance.

This book argues against that and looks toward a new science termed ‘post materialism’. A proposed paradigm shift which has plenty of support as well as detractors. After all when has power ever relinquished its unassailability?

Approach with an open mind, although even if you don’t Rupert does a good job of challenging scepticism.

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