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Vas Hermeticum

Vas Hermeticum

Vas Hermeticum is a symbolic alter ego of myself. A physical manifestation, of concepts and philosophies that are central to the interests of my art practice.

So far he has primarily been a representative or intermediary on social media. Such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As well as an appearance in a recent artist workshop, which I made for The Arts Active Trust. They are a registered charity that supports education, community and audience engagement projects within Cardiff and surrounding areas.

For a little more insight as to his name you could read this previous blog post of mine. Because I do have other plans for him, you should keep an eye for his upcoming activities.

Why the semi fictional research establishment C.A.S.E, (an acronym for the Centre of Archetypal Symbol Exploration)? Because this is the organisation that Vas Hermeticum operates under.

At varying degrees and times, both serve as modes of expression and vehicles for my art research, production and education activities.

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