Rory Buckland


Welcome to my collage art gallery.

We are beings with a conscious and subconscious aspect, and so symbols have the power to reveal subtle truths to us. Because of this I use collage art to express these ideas. So by accepting the power of symbols to shape our world view, I consciously utilise them as a tool for expression and learning in my collage pieces. Because of this each collage art piece is like a jigsaw mystery, whose parts must be understood to fully grasp their relevance as a whole. So this could be seen as an overview of my art practice. It is an attempt to develop consciousness in the world.

You may not may not realise it, but symbols underpin everything we see, say and do. Therefore, they have the potential to exert influence upon us. So they are the foundation of our material perception.

I am fascinated by the idea that meaning has become embedded in our perception of certain objects and their images. As Jung stated in relation to his ideas about archetypal imagery; “the structures of the images vary from culture to culture and person to person but are not limitless or chaotic; they are archaic and shared by all people”.

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So why not learn more about my practice on my blog here? And my artist statement here.

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